Wilhelmsen Ahrenkiel Ship ManagementB.V. 

Wilhelmsen Ahrenkiel Ship Management B.V. is a branch office of Wilhelmsen Ahrenkiel Ship Management GmbH & Co. KG located in Rhoon, Netherlands.


Established in 2018 our branch office offers the full range of technical management service with the focus on container feeder tonnage.


Martin de Vries is General Manager of Wilhelmsen Ahrenkiel Ship Management B.V. He has been with Wilhelmsen Ahrenkiel Ship Management for more than 4 years, holds a Bachelor degree in Accounting and has been working in the shipping Industry since 2018. Prior WASM B.V. he worked for more than 20 years in the Aviation Industry.


Rhoon is located in the greater port area of Rotterdam. The village is approximately 10km from the city center Rotterdam.


Wilhelmsen Ahrenkiel Ship Management B.V.
Oever 5
3161 GR Rhoon, Netherlands
TEL +31 10 669 0241